Sunday, February 18, 2007

jet blues

jet blue is fabulous. but their crisis management is AWFUL. and their website, which at some point was fabulously un-fussy has proven to be NULL. where's the information? how can their flights still be disrupted after a storm that happened 4 days ago! why is there no explanation whatsoever? how can its customer service be permanently overwhelmed (understaffed), if they know that the situation is still an ongoing problem?? how can they tell people to simply call later in the month...! i mean, it is, in a way, a very jetblueishly unfussy thing to do. maybe v is not a good customer. we do like leather, though.

v is thus stranded in new york, which is not a bad thing unto itself.
but it is terribly irritating thing, to want to like a company and the company not allowing one to like it back. akin to the love conundrum, venus infers.

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Anonymous said...

i have heard that j-blue doesn't get any breaks when there are delays at airports because they are not as powerful as the other airlines - new kid on the block syndrome writ large.

i generally like them - the tvs make everyone so docile! - but i have had some very bad delay experiences with them and have heard they are somewhat right-wing.