Monday, February 26, 2007

**B&B EXCLUSIVE!** Our Interview with Mark Twain, Co-Oscar Pool Winner!

B&B Contributor Mark Twain triumphed in last night's Oscars Pool, tied with new contributor Annie with *fifteen* out of twenty-four correct predictions. Betty interviewed Twain this afternoon about her Jennifer Hudson-like rise to pool-itical victory.

B&B: Have you always wanted to win an Oscars pool, ever since you were a little girl?
When Mark Twain was a little girl (s)he was unable to stay awake
into the wee hours of the night and therefore could have cared less
about the Oscars or for that matter, any Oscars pool. In addition,
Mark Twain was not drawn into the corrupted underworld of gambling
until becoming acquainted with Magwitch, the gruff Aussie.

B&B: What did you think of your fellow competitors?
I would like to thank my fellow poolers for their hard work, their
dedication to this important art and, of course, for their clearly
erroneous choices.

B&B: How did you feel when you heard you'd won?
Hungry...late for work and without breakfast once again!

B&B: Would you like to thank anyone in your acceptance speech?
I would like to thank Magwitch for consistently harassing me to
complete my survey, for showing me all the good websites on which to
research my picks and for not picking what those websites advised.

B&B: To what personal qualities would you attribute your victory?

B&B: Any advice for young Oscar pool entrants?

All you need is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.

B&B: What will your next pool victory be?
March Madness...about which I am equally, if not more, ignorant
than I was regarding this pool.

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