Saturday, February 03, 2007

Small Towns

Who's been to Blacksburg, Virginia? Fayetteville, Arkansas? Somehow I've made the transition from absolute refusal to even consider living in places like these to embracing them and getting excited about the idea of starting life anew in a random small town. Reason: My husband-to-be is going to be a professor, and I've made the commitment to follow him around. And... Virginia Tech and University of Arkansas are looking to be at the top of his list right now. Oy. Good thing I am optimistic. (He wouldn't consider them if I wasn't.) But it's hard to know if I am just glamourizing my probable future small-town life and I'll want out as soon as I get there, or if I'll remain happy. I love the idea of biking to work, knowing the locals and being a regular at the grocery store, being able to afford a house near town, having access to beautiful hiking trails and roads for biking.....I've lived in cities for the past eight years and I feel ready. I try to remind myself of the bustle, the culture, and the variety of things to do that I'll miss, but I'm not yet convinced that I'll miss it. Don't you make your own happiness? And isn't it more interesting, in a way, to explore and find the cool things about living somewhere that everyone else doesn't already know is amazing? But honestly, our preferences change on a weekly basis, and there's still a fair chance that we may end up in Denver. How can you not be happy in Denver, with those Mountains? some ways, a podunk town is better than a city with no decent public transportation.

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