Sunday, February 18, 2007

You Asked for It

Betty was just watching an SNL rerun and reveling in Timberlove while Bimbo snored beside her. Oh wait, you didn't ask for a personal update; you asked for a poll!

Please cast your vote on the blog's visual future. Remember to choose carefully because we want this blog to look as good as Justin!

(Next week's SNL guests: The Arcade Fire.)

Thanks for voting!
Also: it's not too late to vote for in this Valentine's Poll or to enter Magwitch's First Annual Oscar Pool. Happy pickin'.


Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

Why don't you put the cities in alphabetical order?

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

Hmm...actually I like the old "reflections from the youth in the USA" subhead (though some of us are getting up there). Could you put the cities in the "About the Blog" section?

co-love said...

Actually, that's the part that Bimbo likes the worst. If anything is gonna be changed, it probably won't be that.