Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good Morning! Everone Hates the New Layout.

Betty the shut-in has just been instructed to "change that ugly thing" by one reader and told "it's the most disgusting thing ever" by another! Please weigh in. Betty changed it last night in a moment of cooped-up inspiration coming to boil (or so she thought), but perhaps she has lost all perspective in her drugged-out, dog-saturated convalescence.

She can assure readers that the switchover wasn't totally mindless and hazy. Her idea was that the layout change would make the blog more visually friendly to the longer, mini-essay style posts some bloggers have been writing with great success lately, while remaining white-spacey and open enough to accommodate smaller, or more visually driven posts. She still likes it, and always likes red, but would appreciate suggestions on how to move forward.

[Remember: Valentine's Day is tomorrow.]

Back to butter?


Anonymous said...

i don't like it, it looks like slate, i liked the yellow background, more distinctive.

Speed McQueen said...

i like the new background, for one. The yellow was like a circa 1997 Geocities page. Keep the new shit.