Monday, February 26, 2007

Bloscar: My take

Nancy D's question about Helen Mirren's "I present to you, the queen!" declaration is a good one: what the fuck was going on with that? Maybe she was saying the award is the queen, since Elizabeth II made it possible?

Also, what was going on with PS-Hoffman? I am a big fan, but Mark Twain and I shrieked when he came on stage. He looked like he had been gobbling mescaline backstage.

I'm surprised no one posted on Jack's bald head; according to IMDB--which is never wrong about anything--he's making a film about a terminally ill man who escapes from a prison ward. I thought he looked like a penis--a pretty cool penis, though.

Speech of the day: Alan Arkin's. Bimbo, who certainly did not win the pool, wins my eternal devotion for picking him. Arkin cried through his speech, while managing to keep his words calm and devoid of histrionics.

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