Sunday, February 25, 2007


I just read Bimbo's most recent post, and, as entertainingly irate as it was, I'm sorry to see that he didn't like Pan. Actually, I agree that Children of Men was robbed here, but still, Pan's Lab was a sweet movie. Much better than chocolat. Also, Life is beautiful was awesome. Get a grip, bimbo.


Anonymous said...

life is beautiful, cinema paradiso, chocolat- these are "foreign films" that americans can like/relate, feel good about
a disservice from miramax to the usa moviegoers
"real" foreign films: godard, melville (army of shadows) lives of others, days of glory (indigenes)

magwitch the gruff australian said...

I'm not sure I get your point here. I think you're implying that certain foreign films are commercial, and by extension American; I agree that commercial films win across the Oscars more than they should, and that low budget films rarely make it--but that's not just a problem in one category. I am a bit suspicious of the notion that there we need to try to locate real foreign films that Americans specifically can't relate to. To me, the entire notion of the foreign film is stupid, and depends upon an idea of the non-American that I'm not sure I buy.