Friday, February 23, 2007


Name: Superman
(No relation to Supergirl)

Description: Tall Dark and Handsome - Hotter than even that Obama guy.

Hobbies: Studying the Uniform Commercial Code, Sounding important, Running two miles slowly and then telling girls that I am training for a marathon, Throwing garbage at the Paparazzi, Dominating Oscar Pools.

Idea of Happiness: When people stop asking me at Starbucks if I know where the bathroom is. (The store is really not that big.)

Weaknesses: Panda Express, Kryptonite, and Dodgeball.

Favorite Bird: Undecided.

Least Favorite Animal: Killer the fat raccoon that lives behind my room.

Why do I blog?: Because I was born to, baby!

1 comment:

Betty & Bimbo said...

Superman! Super to meet you, man. Welcome to the blog, please make yourself at home.

Now, when you say Dodgeball are you referring to a film, a cellphone stalking mechanism, or a gym class staple involving a big red ball?

And with whom will you be watching the Oscars? We must be entered in different pools, because I am planning to dominate come Sunday.