Monday, February 26, 2007

The Post-Oscar Press is Streaming In...

and Betty and Bimbo already have some favorite quotes and images to report!:

* Melissa Ethridge called the Oscars a "gay holiday", which surely pissed off the cast of Dreamgirls.

* Alan Arkin: "Everybody thinks I'm gonna keel over".

* Our friend who was AT a post-Oscars party (on assignment for a magazine) reports: peter o'toole is actually dead. i think he was embalmed.

* Entertainment Weekly reports, in a item called "Dame's Little Helper": Helen Mirren met the press carrying a Best Actress Oscar in one hand...and a vodka gimlet in the other. No wonder she seemed so at ease answering a question in perfect French. Betty's favorite Oscar moment remains busty Dame Mirren reading from the Borat script.

* Our favorite: When someone asked Al Gore how it felt to be a rock star, he responded, "William Hung was a rock star; I just have a slideshow."

*Check out Sarah Silverman's Academy-rejected documentary short, A Very Convenient Truth.


M. Nicolas said...

I just went through all the oscar posts (fun) and really, I mean, HOW NOT SANE IS IT TO CALL MIRREN "HOT"? BETTY!!!!

Did I miss something?????!!!!!?

Hellen Mirren????

She's the queen actor, right?

Exact, how good of a gown did she wear? that might explain it...

ARghhhhhh. Hate to miss the major event of the year (after SOTU, OF COURSE, and all shows of our own teevee husband Colbert...).

still upset.


Betty & Bimbo said...

Hola querida M.!

I'm not kidding! Mirren is a stone cold FOX! Check out her Oscar night pix!

We missed you on Oscars night, but love having you on board!