Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscars '07: Let the Liveblogging Begin!

Penelope Cruz looks simply gorgeous, as does Helen Mirren, though the latter seems a little loopy with a pre-thank-you-speech high. She's smiling and bouncing in her shoes and almost crying over her dress. Joan Rivers puts it best to Helen Mirren: "Nobody knows you're a sexpot. A fox eternal."

Who is Daniel Craig with? She looks like Betty, or so Betty would like to think!

Moo sees Jackie Earle Haley, muses: "A pervert is not going to win."

Beyonce looks great, seems totally at ease. We can't wait for her to sing!

Kate Winslet looks like she has hat head.

Joan Rivers is actually awesome, Betty thinks. She definitely asks much better questions and is wackier than goody-goody Ryan Seacrest. And remember her role in "Muppets Take Manhattan"= carpet cred. Moo asks: "I understand why Joan Rivers has had so much surgery, but why her daughter? She looks grotesque."

Woody Allen just arrived --- oops, wait, that's Marty! Maybe he's emaciating-it-up as a subtle plea. Betty says: No need, Mart-hun! You've got this one in the bag.

Kirsten Dunst looks horrible. "She is having her Bjork fashion moment" - Moo.

Clint looks great! Moo asks: "Is his Mexican maid his date?"

Reese Witherspoon is a hot grape.

It's great to see Al Gore on the red carpet, though Moo thinks Tipper looks dowdy.

More to come...

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