Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where's the Wonderland?

Betty, shut-in that she is, had been looking forward to a white and drifting snow blanket that would transform D.C. into a 19th century wonderland during what we Yankee fans call "the off-season". Away, cars! Come down, snow! Pile up on cars!

There's nothing like a snowdrift and the delicate flakes that graze it to make any kid happy to laze (or "rest") indoors, to draw back window shades and follow the drift of nature's dominance. Peace out, car-clogged street scenes of yesteryear.

Even a little wind is welcome if it swirls the icy grains and turns windows into unwitting screens for a characterless drama.

So what's with the drippy gray ice-rain? Betty knows there should be something beautiful about snowflakes that disappear the instant they make contact with urban life and lifeless forms, but all they do is make her recognize how cold it really is.


co-love said...

if the snow is gonna pile up on the cars, all's well. Then we could actually have a use for them. Making snowballs out of their tops!!

Betty & Bimbo said...

EXACTLY. An ideal use for them in the future, when we all have good public transportation in our cities. Or we could melt them down for art, or affordable housing...