Thursday, February 01, 2007

B&B Blog News

Betty is having surgery on Monday and will not be able to type for most of February. Therefore, bloggers will need to step up! Betty would also like to take this opportunity to invite inspired Chilena blogger and Curvas Politicas author M. Nicholas to contact her about guest blogging!

When she is feeling less groggy, Betty will certainly find "helpers" she can dictate blog posts to, in emulation of her hero, John Milton.

The blog is certainly heating up its little blogworld. We keep getting hits from all over the world, and Google continues to send bewildered searchers this way. Some of today's search phrases that landed readers on our doorstep:

roth cant remake reality everyman
is giselle bundchen a bimbo

Finally in blog news, B-FLX is moving to Malaysia! This is awfully sad for all of us here in the U.S., but a super great opportunity for him, and we wish him only the best in his grand adventure. The upshot is, he will continue to blog with us, making the blog an international community, not unlike the United Nations, the New York Yankees, any bed with Pocho in it, or Betty's beautifully tangled DNA.

A heartfelt appreciation of Brett just came in from a dedicated blog reader:

Today I took my terrific personal trainer, Brett
Crosby, also a member of this blogging community, to
pick up his visa to travel on a one-way ticket to

I started training with Brett about + or - two years
ago and cannot say enough about him. I first met him
when on a Stupid Bowl day he gave a class at the gym
called the "Redskins Workout", I don't like or even
understand football and I don't want to, but Brett
made the class so enjoyable that I was hooked.

At the beginning I had to establish that I was his
mom's age and that he couldn't make me do too much. I
think his history as a boxer, martial arts expert and
tattoos intimidated me a little.

Well, it's been a wonderful experience. I guess first
of all , I am in very good shape even at my advanced
age, but as or even MORE importantly, Brett is a
lovely person in every sense of the way.
He has seen me through the worst time and has always
been quietly supportive and encouraging.
We wish him the very best and are very proud of him
for voyaging across the world to the Munchkin in
search of love and new challenges.

Watch out Kuala Lumpur!

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kid a said...

bravo b&b!

all words that sum up the site quite well, in their way. except no mention of "cocoa".