Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wear Jeans. Get out of Jury Duty.



So, the Free World has just entered day 238 in the ongoing saga of the Libby "Cry Baby" trial. And we have nothing more than an aesthetically accurate judge that with eagle-sharp eyes mumbled in a Cassandra-like fashion: Go home, dear 11 headed jury.

At 2 PM!

We know that this whole 'exceptional American judicial system' rests on the hard earning citizen's backs, no pay mind you, but what's going on?!

He decided to let them free "to attend personal matters" because, from the bench, he could obviously see that casual Friday starts EARLY in DC. All 6 of 11 jurors wore jeans...Which is -in itself- a perjury and blatant lie. Everybody knows that maybe 3 or 4 people wear jeans in this chinos loving town.

And because of that, and lack of glamour, NO VERDICT this week. Or ever...

Alert the press! And Anna Nicole Smith's daughter's dad...

Speaking of the little devil, is he still pissing off Asia? It's easy to find him. Follow the suicide bombers.

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