Saturday, March 31, 2007

Betty and Bimbo Recommend: Blades of Glory

It may be a product-pushing product, but "Blades of Glory" is also the perfect Friday night movie. We laughed so hard we spilled our wild cherry icee all over the floor, and could barely keep a Jujube in our mouths for all the screaming "No you didn't!" along with the chorus.

Will Ferrell is completely at ease in this movie, and extremely giving with his comedy. You feel in good hands throughout. Eleven dollars hasn't bought this much rib-shaking and raucous security since "Wayne's World" -- or make that "Mean Girls"?

There are moments of total physical genius (especially in Ferrell and Jon Heder's first routine together) and Craig T. Nelson is already our pick for Best Supporting Actor of 2007.

The film is refreshingly low-key and fleeced of potty humor, but it moves! Thank goodness for this sleek, dare we say classic? gift from Hollywood. We always knew the winter Olympics, full of sports played by vikings, were funny. But we would not have predicted this much fun from ninety minutes of spandex and sports talk. A+


Superman said...

Where was the Ben Stiller cameo, he definitely should have been one of the competing skaters, I was begging for it all movie.

M. Nicolas said...

do I smell an Oscar?