Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am a Man, Cougar!

Weighing in on the eating meat debate. My friend and I saw a cougar, for the very first time, scurrying along the a hill behind my parking lot. No I am not talking about a mature female bar rover....a real one, the animal kind. He or she was probably hunting Killer, the fat raccon that lives in the waste bin. I will admit, I was completely scared $^&*less. Luckily it did not come down off the hill, otherwise Superman would had to have found a way to sacrifice his friend.

The point is, if Superman was courageous, he would have stared that Cougar down. Looked him or her right in the eye, and said "I am a man, Cougar! I am the top of the food chain, not you and I have my japanese auto machine to prove it." Keep eating meat, my friends. If we dont do our duty, the raccons and cougars could partner up and start a food chain coup!

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betty said...

Thia sounds like something that would happen to Larry David.