Friday, March 09, 2007

Betty Recommends: Care2 and Global Giving

Two wonderful websites for people who want to become part of the solution to world problems have inspired Betty. The sites are fun, full of information, and fulfill the Internet's promise of connecting people to causes and people they might not otherwise know. is a progressive social networking site, a Friendster for those who want to learn more about causes that move them and connect with people they can work with or talk to about addressing local, national, and world problems. It can be lonely in this world - here are some people who want to take action. You can make of the site what you want, take and leave petitions, networks, etc. You choose your path.You can also get a free e-mail address with 100 MB of storage and a unique name such as,,

Global Giving is simply one of the coolest sites ever created. You should probably just experience it for yourself. All Betty can add is that here is a sweet harmony of the local (projects) and the global (internet connectivity). Enjoy!

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