Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Obamarama Recommends: Not Hillary

Okay Folks, the jig is up. After much insistence on Betty's part for me to write something promoting Barack and for Coco to write something promoting Edwards, I have instead decided to write something against Mrs. Clinton. I don't see any use in attacking Edwards, as his policies are so similar to those of Obama and I believe the two share a truly progressive vision for America.

You may be wondering if it is a coincidence that my anti-Hillary post comes on the eve of International Women's is. In fact, I see Hillary's gender as one of her only redeeming qualities in terms of her Presidential Run (as a Democrat). The thing is, Hillary isn't much of a Democrat. As much as Republicans like to give her high Liberal ratings, we must see the truth. She's more of a Liebercrat if anything. She supported the War in Iraq until only months ago; will her Presidency really bring an end to American Imperialism? Barack promises that if he is elected, he will promote open talks with Iran. I don't see this kind of diplomacy in Hillary's arsenal. Secondly, under Bill Clinton, America took a few more steps to the "right" in terms of its social programs. Clinton signed "Welfare Deform" into law in 1996, sealing the coffin on many of FDR's new deal programs. Yet, amazingly, Clinton is heralded by many as being the first "Black President"... This is astonishing.

Clinton also is responsible for great military policy of "Don't ask, don't tell." This "winner" is a socially conservative policy that is antithetical to the goals of progressive democrats in this country. Of course, Hillary isn't Bill. But what else do we have to go on with her? While Barack Obama is trying to raise standards for fuel economy, Hillary Clinton voted against the 2005 bill that would have raised these standards dramatically. So for all of you who were so enamored with Al Gore's flick, it doesn't seem the environment is too big of an issue on Hillary's plate either. And for that matter, Gore was in the White House for eight years; where was his action on global warming then? COME ON!

So I pose an important question for anyone supporting Hillary: we know Edwards is seriously about changing poverty in this country; Barack cares about the environment and improving America's foreign policy decisions; so what does Hillary care about (is she another John Kerry)? This has yet to become evident to me. I don't think we should let the last seven years of GWB's reign blind us into thinking that the Clinton Administration was some beacon of liberalism. It was not. I don't think we should let our frustration with the Republican leadership force us into nominating a moderate Democrat. What good would eight years (assuming she wins twice) of Hillary really do?

Finally, if people are really concerned about so called "electability" of candidates, they ought to be aware that Hillary does not solve this problem. A poll released last week showed that while Hillary lost head to head match ups with both Mccain and Guliani, Barack beat each of them, 46-40 and 44-40.

I welcome discussion on this matter. If anyone knows Hillary's platform and would like to share it, please do.

Until then, Obama/Edwards '08

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M. Nicolas said...

Well, I saw Hillary speaking today at the more-liberal think-tank in DC and, boy, was that exciting to see all youngsters twisting in their seats!

It was clear that somehow all these movers have to choose who they will support. Pronto.

And since you could smell the opportunism in the air, they all waited for a political bone to be thrown at them.

Anyways, and this is from a very foreign point of view, Obama is a rock star that speak OUR language but he's dead-wrong on the whole ethanol business. Just the abuse of water and extra energy that ethanol means, gives you a heads up on his take on 'energy crisis'...

Hill looked tired. But I think she means well. She also knows that she can't just get rid of 48 million people that do not think like her. REPS even think she's a commie...and pretty much HATE her.

Obama should gather support and then, in a master move, get on the VP ticket. He's young. He can wait.

And the US is in no need to split the anti-bush gang.

You see, the REPS are just waiting for all the DEMS to kill each other...but then again, who is crazy enough to actually take over the deficit?