Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mitt Romney endorses Coulter on the wrong day

While reading our bloglines, Mark Twain and I stumbled upon a video of Ann Coulter calling presidential hopeful John Edwards "a faggot" at a recent CPAC meeting. The person who this really screws, apparently, is Mitt Romney, who was stupid enough to gush about Coulter before she got up on stage. On second thought, it probably doesn't screw him at all, since mainstream media will probably duck this story.


venus infers said...


Betty & Bimbo said...

I don't really get the joke. Even putting aside Coulter's devilosity for a second, what the hell is she even talking about?! What a WEIRD thing to say.

Do we know who else was at the conference?

Betty thought even Republicans frowned on epithet-spewing, but as Bimbo points out, when the party can't win policies and wars, they just bully people. But in this case Edwards seems like a particularly abstract target.

Superman said...

Anne makes her money making controversial statements, so this is not really surpring. People on both sides need to spend less time watching pundit shows, they pretend to deal with politics but are really less substantive than ET tonight, doctored up to make people think they are watching something thought provoking. I have heard that many of these people are very different in person and harbor a range of views very different to thier TV personas.