Monday, March 19, 2007

Neon Bible Thumping

The new Arcade Fire offering, Neon Bible, is hefty and full of momentum. You will like to listen to it. Our favorite tracks so far are "No Cars Go", the first song, the last song, and track four with the simple soaring melody and the xylophones, or are those vibraphones?, punctuating each turn with a regal salute to rock and the inevitability of sorrow and movement. Lords over the hype, makes you want to dance, or nod your head whatever you're doing.

This band has so much talent and energy, is it any wonder they're led by a singer named "Win"?


Superman said...

No cars go is a good track, even better than rebellion. Plus, any rock band that performs in business attire and incorporates multiple violins has to be solid, they definitely get the style points too.

James said...

I think it's worth tracking down the original No Cars Go, which is on their self-titled first album. The change in emphasis, both in the instrumentation and the meaning is pretty interesting. I can't really decide which one I like more.

I actually dislike My Body is a Cage (the ending track): I feel like it and In The Backseat both are a bit too long and a bit too tacked on to the end. I'm also kind of unsold on the cavernous feel to the whole album.

But I still like it enough to be listening to it at least once a day.