Wednesday, March 21, 2007

HBO: In a Creative Holding Pattern?

Betty enjoys HBO television programs tremendously!
And yet.

The more shows she watches (and she doesn't watch the violent ones, so maybe this doesn't apply in those cases) the more she feels that HBO writers and producers have bought their channel's hype to the point that they excel at recycling old formulas from previous HBO shows. Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras both resemble The Larry Sanders Show , Entourage is shamelessly Sex and the City with male leads, and Big Love is The Sopranos go to Utah. Big Love and Entourage are two shows that Betty finds addictive and pleasurable, but that ultimately leave you feeling a little nauseous since they're so derivative and slick.

Does anybody else see it this way? Are there any great shows out there that aren't ripping off (or riffing on) Tony, Carrie, Larry, et al.?

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