Thursday, March 08, 2007

Annie, Get Your Oscar

1. Have you always wanted to win an Oscars pool, since you were a little girl?

Winning (anything) has always been an important dream of mine, just as it has been Jennifer Hudson's dream as well. I'm just glad that I didn't lose American Idol first--this must make my win a little more valid than hers.

2. What did you think of your fellow competitors? Do you respect and draw inspiration from their work?

I certainly respect my fellow competitors, all of them have a lot of experience in the film industry, especially in the film watching industry. I am inspired by all of them for many reasons, especially by their ability to like or dislike a film that they watch. I will say though, Obamarama, it doesn't always pay to be a film snob.

3. How did you feel when you heard you'd won??

Elated, of course. Forest Whittaker's joy upon recieving his honor was nothing compared to the joy I felt when I was honored in this thrilling and profound way.

4. Would you like to thank anyone in your acceptance speech?

I would like to thank Obamarama for his financial support throughout
this long and demanding project, couldn't have done it without his
five dollars. I would also like to thank the bloggers whose continued
support helped me stay grounded and confident during the awards show.
Oh, and thank you God for sending me all the right answers in secret
messages in the graffitti in bathroom stalls and in the pattern of the
geese flying by my window. I couldn't have done it without your help.

5. To what personal qualities would you attribute your victory?

My willingness to take risks, to explore and assert the deepest and
most personal parts of my self in my work.

6. Any advice for young Oscar pool entrants? How are you a role model for

I am a role model for all those who strive for success... I hope that my achievement inspires them to keep on, keep on trying. My advice to all would be to never give up, no matter how many times people you love tell you that you don't have a chance of winning up against all the superior competitors, like Netflix members or those pursuing a minor in film. My advice for those trying to break into the Oscar pool industry would be: don't bother seeing the movies, it will only confuse you.

7. What will your next pool victory be?

2008, unless I kick ass in another Asen pool. March Madness?


Superman said...

This does not really relate but I saw the departed and thought it was terrible, definitely not worth an Oscar. In fact, a friend from Taiwan had made me watch the original Hong Kong film, Infernal affairs (which definitely sounds like the title to an adult special on skinemax), and it is one of the best films I have ever seen. The shots, acting etc. was a thousand times better than the Departed. Which just goes to show that big budget Hollywood is losing significant ground to the rest of the world both in creativity (think of an original script) and substative produce.

Unfortunately, if we throw out the Departed oscars, I still came in a good thirty picks behind Annie.

obamarama said...

i agree with superman. In no way did I think The Departed was oscar-worthy. I still would have finished last, but at least my film snobbery could have some validity...

betty said...


But I think that after Jon Stewart impromptu joke last year - "For those of you keeping track, that's Three-Six Mafia, One Oscar, Martin Scorsese, Zero." - the Academy realized they needed to throw Marty a bone before he keels over.