Monday, March 05, 2007

Betting the Farm on James McAvoy

Good afternoon! We loved Koko and Venus' thoughts on book use and abuse, and like those forward-thinking bloggers encourage you to discover new and original ways to adjust your experience of this blog to greater resemble your experiences with books. Please feel free to idly post your crushes' names in a decorative font, for example, or to hastily post your to-do list, especially if it contains any interesting or scandalous tasks for the future. All we request is that you refrain from highlighting - a practice we could never understand, particularly in works of literature. To us, it always seemed reductive AND redundant, like drawing a big neon circle around the smile of the Mona Lisa. But we digress...

Betty and Bimbo heard from a Hollywood insider this weekend that one James McAvoy is being aggressively groomed by studio execs and PR bigwigs in the hopes that this Scottish shorty will be the NEXT BIG THING - kinda like DiCaprio and Ewan McGregor were in the mid-1990s. We saw McAvoy (whom you might have caught in The Last King of Scotland) recently in Starter for Ten and in the preview for Penelope and he certainly has charisma oozing from all pores, not to mention cuteness. We hear he is also starring in the film adaptation of Ian McEwan's Atonement, which we will certainly be checking out. What do you think? Can the kilted kid go all the way?

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