Tuesday, March 06, 2007

foxnews at a new low

If you're feeling particularly suicidal today, watch this tv clip from foxnews, in which two pundits try to see who can come up with more outlandish excuses for Ann Coulter's hate-mongering. According to Rich Lowry, it was a joke about "political correctness"--that is Ann, champion of the 1st amendment, was pointing out that we should all be able to say mean slurs whenever we want--and not a joke at Edwards (and the gay community's) expense. Here is my favorite part:

Mattera: In fact, I would like to also point out she was basically calling John Edwards a wuss, that he was a girlie-man, and that if he were elected president he would probably embolden Al Qaeda to attack us. He's not a real man. And many at CPAC held that sentiment.


M. Nicolas said...

I always been amazed by the amount of attention this blondie gets. I mean, really, she's kind of witty in a S&M kind of fashion and I guess, due to the absolute lack of young women in teevee politics, gets call backs.

Further, WHO GIVES that a fairly bad mannered tight-lipped chick calls so and so names?

I still give it to B&B for calling this one early...

Good work!

Coutler is a sad person. Without the "liberals" she would have absolutely nothing to talk about.Boooring. Plus, she's cranky. That, in itself, is BAD entertainment.


AND SHE'S A FAKE BLOND. Her original hair is mousy-brown. Less chic.


Plus, people are sauvages and therefore call each other terrible things (faggot, fat, dyke, etc) every day. Coutler is no different.

Who put her up on a pedestal?

Cheers from a true-raven-haired latina (w/real curves and real lips)

betty said...


It was Mags who called this one early, and thankso t him, too for bringing this clip to our attention. I think Coulter is as empty as you say, M. Nicholas, but I think her influence goes beyond herself - witness the loud cheers and the Fox News (and certainly Fox News watching) apologists. I think it's crazy that gay bashing is still considered light hearted and funny, with the excuse that it's not really about gays, it's about "wussie men". Oh brother. That's like saying what Michael Richards did was ok because he was just trying to be "edgy".

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

In a totally superficial observation, I was always kind of confused when people called Ann Coulter hot because she looks very weird and prissy on all of her book covers, but after seeing that clip I really got it. Totally repellant, but she's confident and doesn't back down and has great stage presence. You could see her reveling in every moment of the audience reaction and knowing just when to smile and when to avert her gaze.

Betty & Bimbo said...

Good point, Nancy D. I have to agree. Also,watching the video again it really strikes me how much context is everything. I might even find the joke a bit funny if it weren't told in front of a room of hooting young Republicans. With the mainstream media behind them. And money.

M. Nicolas said...

Sorry about that. I didn't mean to call le coutler 'witty' because of her slur. I meant she's witty when she talks in a general way about politicians...sometimes, maybe never, anyways, she is so not important in the larger spectrum. This doesn't mean that she (and her folks) should not be analyzed but I have a very strong feeling that half of FOX's watchers are FOX haters...Closet watcher...like myself.

further, FOX is not that different from the rest. They have harder terms to refer to people. we all know what our mom's call that...

still, fake blond.