Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the truth in film

so gore got invited to testify in congress about global warming. why not dr lynn margulis? or, if gaia theory is too "controversial" (despite making an awful lot of sense), any other grayer scientist, or other liberal environmentalists?

well, gore had a documentary film, and documentaries tell the truth. and he was in cannes and hollywood, some glamour must have rubbed off on him, like stardust! venus infers that once this administration is impeached, michael moore will be called in to testify about the deterioration of civil rights and economic inequality under the bushies.

in the same vein, or rather, what got v. thinking.
we just came back from seeing an amazing film by werner herzog, "the wild blue yonder." pieced out of documentary film footage and in a spoof verité style, the film uses discovery channel truism to narrate stories of aliens among us, and humanity's trip to andromeda and back. the highlight for v. was a nasa mathematician explaining "chaotic space travel" using a computerized model that was based on the tiled labyrinth at the chartres cathedral. fabulous.

so much for the truth in film.


Betty & Bimbo said...

Venus, do you have an interpretation to offer of Herzog's "Grizzly Man"? That movie was so brilliant, it made my head spin.

venus infers said...

no-- haven't watched it yet! scared of bears, y'know. v.