Sunday, January 07, 2007

Update on Yesterday's Post: The Cost of Our New "Truth"

Yesterday I discussed the absurd new truth that in order to support the troops one has to support endless funding of the war.

Steve Greenberg has this worthwhile take on the $400 billion we have spent so far. The shocking piece is that we have spent eight times the annual income of each Iraqi, to kill lots of them and screw up electricity and water for most others. Oh yeah, and we're stopping terrorism too.


Anonymous said...

what numbers! the wasted money fueling death instead of positive work is a total tragedy in itself.

Anonymous said...

and never mind the loss of the country's reputation,of our credibility in the world, the divided population, the dead 19 year olds -3,000 of them- and how many iraqis dead? oh i forgot, we don't count them that much