Friday, January 26, 2007

B&B Bark On About the Oscars: Part 3

Best Supporting Actor

Bimbo: Djimon Hounsou always plays some kind of noble savage. Blood Diamond is like his third noble savage role. And Mark Wahlberg?! Mark Wahlberg should have won a Lifetime Achievement Award for Boogie Nights, but to borrow a phrase from the blogosphere, WTF?

Betty: Now that you mention it, Bimbo, every one of these nominees was doing a take on the noble savage role. I guess that’s the prototypical sidekick function. You know I was wild about Dreamgirls, and Eddie Murphy’s performance was good, but it was also confusing given his past turns as this character. Like, I was always waiting for him to break into the James Brown “Gettin’ in the Hot Tub, Getting in the Wa-tah!” song or the immortal “Boogie in Your Butt” from the SNL days. I suppose he deserves some credit for treading that line and not making a total fool of himself. Oh, and speaking of James Brown, you must see this.

Best Supporting Actress

Bimbo: Jennifer Hudson is the only performace I saw, and she was the best thing in that movie. She should win. I can’t be snarky about that.

Betty: I agree with you. I also think that when she’s supposed to be doing some other crappy song from Dreamgirls at the Oscars she should stop the band and just let it rip on “And I Am Telling You,” because that is what the people want to hear. She should also start singing that when the nerds in the orchestra pit start trying to cut her off during the acceptance speech.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Bimbo: I want to say that Borat should win, but I don’t think it should. Something really went wrong here, because the only horrendously bad thing about Children of Men was the screenplay. It should have been nominated for Best Picture, sure, but no way for Best Screenplay.

Betty: Children of Men. Is that the one with Kate Winslet?

Best Original Screenplay

Betty: The best thing about the best movie of the year was its excellent screenplay – all rise for The Queen!

Bimbo: And when the Queen’s husband climbs into bed with her and says “Move over, Cabbage,” that was the line of the year.


Speed McQueen said...

Hate to argue with the B&B but if neither of you saw Babel you should shut the fuck up and hit the theaters. Both of the women up for Best Supporting Actress will blow you away. Also Cate Blanchett was wonderful in Notes on a Scandal.

You are both right, however, on that handsome, suffering slice of the third world: Djimon Hounsou. Even in In America, where he played an AIDS-stricken artist, he was still a noble savage. He should just change his name to Friday.

Betty & Bimbo said...

Speed - Thank you for your comment! We look forward to seeing both Babel (well, at least thick-skinned Bimbo does) and Notes on a Scandal, which sounds so juicy.

Looking forward to more posts from your inspired keyboard in the future.