Sunday, January 28, 2007


Congrats to Gonzo from Chile, making it to the finals of the Aussie Open! Gonzales would have been the first Chilean ever to win a tennis major, and he would have won it all if he had faced a human opponent; rather than part machine, part superman - Federer. Gonzo could definitely take the French later this year. Congrats to his coach, Larry Stefanki too for a job well done. As a former Stefanki product, it is great to see Gonzo find another level. I am already planning my glorious comeback and running sprints in the law library. The sad part is nobody in the library even looks at me like I am acting abnormal.

By the way, if were talking Oscars, I would like to put forward a little film called, Snakes on A Plane. The sheer human fear and reptile fury is fully captured in this contempoary masterpiece. I feel like we will talking about it for many years to come!

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