Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jim Webb is Great

Seriously, that was one of the most abstract, evasive State of the Union addresses we have ever heard. Even when Clinton was going on about seatbelts and school uniforms he was at least going on about something and not just insinuating in code. Is there a war going on here? Hey, is that Dikembe Mutumbo?!

Sorry, we are trying to be sober and indignant and analytical but we just can't believe this administration. It's too absurd to be true. Also, the people analyzing it on CNN are like fucking high school gossip columnists. Did you HEAR that OBAMA got a better SEAT than HILLARY??? Ooooh, Ted KENNEDY's not standing UP when he says 'TAX cuts'!!"

Jim Webb is now talking about class and improper corporate influence and actual history and "the value of our lives versus the enormity of the national interest that would cause us to go into harm's way." We are going to shut up now.


Anonymous said...

when jim webb is our great white hope-you know the dems are in big F trouble

taylorasen said...

I tend to agree with "Anonymous," though I didn't see Webb's speech.