Sunday, January 14, 2007

Co Sponsorship

Betty and Bimbo and Cocoa bonded today. A walk in Tompkins Square Park for Co drew out dozens of smiles, beeps, exclamations, head-turns, elbow nudges, and commentaries in several languages. The family seems to be taking to each other. Co is laid back around the house, just needs a little work on trusting strangers not to mistreat her. A beautiful day that reminded us of how beautiful New York is, and made us see the city anew - not just through tiny little eyes peaking out of a boat bag (which was once Emma Zerner's!), but through our own.


venus infers said...

but ain't she the cutestest little thing! looking fwd to seeing all of you-- bisous, v.

M. Nicolas said...

What? So I get that 1. someone is a granma (the horror!) 2. Pocho is an uncle 3. the pooch sleeps w/ you guys.

I want a dog too!


Betty & Bimbo said...

Besos to you too!

She doesn't sleep with us...yet.

But she does eat dinner with us.