Friday, January 26, 2007

Betty and Bimbo: Who are they really?

When people become famous enough, it's inevitable that their deep, dark secrets begin to surface. The rest of us--jealous, perhaps, that our blogs aren't taking off--take pleasure at shining a light on the dirty underwear in deepest pockets of their laundry baskets.

In any event, this blogger has a source very close to Betty and Bimbo, who has access to B & B's Netflix queue and rating history. According to this source, Betty and Bimbo have made some absolutely scandalous ratings. For instance, my source claims--it's hard to believe, I know--that B & B "really disliked" the fabulous documentary "When We Were Kings," giving it a mere two (out of five) stars. "I know," says my source, "I couldn't believe it at first either. But the rating stars on Netflix don't lie." This blogger contacted Betty and Bimbo's press secretary, who vigorously denied the allegation. "It's outrageous," she said, "this is just another right-wing smear campaign against Betty and Bimbo's blog." The press secretary refused to comment, however, on the claim that B & B gave "Bridget Jones's Diary" four stars, nor would she deny the allegation that they gave "Run Lola Run," "North by Northwest" and "Midnight Cowboy" only two stars each.


Anonymous said...

dear mags, there is also the VERY TROUBLING fact that one of Betty's favorite movies is The Object of my Affection, or something like that, with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd
and Bety had to be FORCED to even watch the sopranos-bt she was yunger then and now has the appropriate appreciation for Ton & the gang

taylorasen said...

I'll relay that fact to Insight Magazine, who is picking up my story...

Betty & Bimbo said...

In light of such provocative comments, Betty and Bimbo have issued the following statement:

1. We do not NOT deny Magwich's allegations.

2. When We Were Kings was bloated and hard to follow. It made boxing boring. Norman Mailer was ok, it would have been better if the whole thing was him talking and wildly gesticulating. Betty considers herself a documentary diva, and she's seen MUCH better. Flavorless.

3. Midnight Cowboy is DATED, yo! And that song gets so annoying.

4. Run Lola Run? Like a two hour music video. As thin and insubstantial, and not even that visually striking. All about the boobs.

5. North by Northwest - DATED! Betty and Bimbo are great admirers of Hitchcock, and this stiff little pill is overrated.

6. Betty and Bimbo decline to comment on the Bridget Jones' Diary/Object of My Affection allegations.

taylorasen said...

I would only be lowering myself if I defended When We Were Kings against such a base, scurrilous attack. As far as Midnight Cowboy is concerned, I have two words for my esteemed friends B & B: Ratso. Rizzo.

Anonymous said...

i have it on good autghority- the best that Betty loved Picture Perfect, also starring Jen