Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Google Search Poetry

At the end of 2006, Google published its top searches of the year, excluding invariables like "dictionary" and "ebay". The lists below struck us as pure poety, so we edited them accordingly. Read these stanzas wearing a black turtleneck in the subway, and see how many quarters you'll amass from the passersby:

"2006" - a Requiem in Four Acts - by Google Users

who is borat
who is hezbollah
who is eu
who is hot

who is capote
who is v?
who is mohammed
who is buckethead

what is alprazolam
what is tramadol
what is ajax
what is hydrocodone
what is vicodin
what is xenical
what is xanax

how to refinance
how to drift
how to podcast
how to scream
how to levitate

how to tattoo
how to blog
how to kickflip
how to draw

define promiscuous
define web 2.0
define ftw

define calidad
define ensayo
define ciencia
define administracion
define harlequin
define filosofia

[Editor's Note: We think our favorite passage is III.i-v.]


venus infers said...

v is me!! we love v. don't we! --v.

Daffy Duck said...

my favorite is III. vi-ix. it's got a good rhythm.