Saturday, January 27, 2007

Betty Recommends: Dr. John Zerner, born today!

This is a Happy Birthday salute from Betty and Bimbo to John Fox Zerner, born many good years ago today!

Zerner is the only man on earth who can make Tootsie Rolls grow from trees, or find them growing in your nose and ears when you just can't dig deep enough. A tremendous Brooklyn Dodger fan (don't tell him they moved) and the father of many adorable dogs who have also loved baseball (and a couple of human sons with beautiful grandchildren, too), Zerner is a teacher of all he loves. In addition, he has read more books about China, or about anything else, than anyone we know. For all these reasons, for loving the luscious LIBBY, and for catching many of us when we rolled out from our mothers' wombs, we salute you, Zerner!

All of us here at the blog.

P.S. We couldn't find a picture of Zerner online, so please refer to this picture of former United States Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, and get the idea


Anonymous said...

and shall we even mention the legal precedent established on Little Diamond Island about 15 years ago, the so-called "Zerner defense"???
Have Betty and Koko, confess, is what I say.....

J. Potter said...

Hi, I have been looking for a way to get in contact with John Zerner's family - I'm amazed at how small an internet footprint he has. I purchased a house on 271 Deering Ave, Portland, ME previously owned by Doctor Zerner. In the basement I have found many personal letters,and historical documents that I feel should be returned to the family and am looking to get in touch with somebody in the family who might be interested in collecting the items. I can be reached at