Friday, January 12, 2007

Betty Recommends: PLENTY

Before a train trip to Boston this week, Betty was fretting (as usual) over what to read. Celebrity rags just screamed old news. Dave Eggers' indescribable, wonderful new book What Is the What was too heavy. With the clock running down at Penn Station's Hudson News, Betty grabbed Plenty.

What a terrific magazine! Betty hadn't been this thrilled by the accessibility, layout, and A+ quality content of a mag since she used to get Zillions as a child. You can read PLENTY online here, but you owe it to yourself to pick it up in person. It's printed on recycled paper and it looks beautiful.

Briefly, PLENTY is a magazine by and for urban environmentalists concerned for the sustainability of the planet and the health of the ecosystems in which they dwell. In the current issue, Betty learned all about companies that are finally getting with the sustainability program (however slowly), urban composting with under-sink earthworms (very cool, not gross), excting and not-too-pricey volunteer vacations, and some precise philosophical strains in the new generation of environmental activists. You needn't be a crunchball or a bearded wanderer to love this magazine. A subscription is the logical next step forward from An Inconvenient Truth.

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