Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oscar Wild Monologue: Part Two

And United 93 was really brilliant. It should have gotten more attention than it did, but really it was such a different kind of movie than I've ever seen before that I don't think people knew what to do with it. The mood was more like a TV movie than a theatrical movie, but the performances were great and it created real tension and drama out of small moments.


Betty said...

Nancy, thanks for weighing in. I look forward to more of your thoughts as the day grows near.

Would you say United 93 is depressing? I want to see it very much, but the depressing factor is keeping me at bay.

Nancy D., Girl Detective said...

I don't think you walk away from it really depressed. What's cool is the way that the passengers on the plane turn into warriors. It becomes this very primeval experience of men fighting tooth and nail for their lives.