Thursday, January 18, 2007

Home is Where the Bark Is

Last night - and would it were every night! - Auntie M. came over to meet little Cocoa. This historic summit was fraught with Co-created tension at first, but soon the little angel came around, particularly after M. dangled cheese cubes and other treats over her nose (sometimes, Betty literally dangles carrots) and then gathered Co into her loving arms for a dance or two around the kitchen. Seeing an opening to extort more treats and snuggles from the blonde goddess, Co soon took to barking each time her paws touched linoleum. You can't sweep a lady off her feet and expect she'll demand less, M.!

In other domestic news, Betty is working at home today, and it appears a family of wild elephants, or perhaps the U.S. cannonball-shot-put team, participants in a new Olympic event open only to sumo wrestlers, has moved in upstairs. To slip a polite but pressured note under their door, or to wait it out? Bimbo went on a fact-finding mission this a.m. and filed the following report:

They have huge square letters and numbers on their door, the kind people usually stick on their mailboxes on poorly-lit suburban roads. Also, they have a huge sign that says "This house is protected by ---- security services!", even though they live in a fourth-floor apartment in a building full of security cameras.

All of which begs the question: Where might we purchase a neon orange "Beware of A Killer Dog!" sign?!

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