Thursday, November 09, 2006

Work, Romance and Relating

Betty found this column by Stephanie Coontz (from Tuesday's New York Times) refreshing in its old wisdom: building all kinds of relationships with people is great! Don't bowl alone! Shower affection, secrets and snuggles on your friends like nobody's business! And for goodness' sakes, get out more. Coontz's thesis:

It has only been in the last century that Americans have put all their emotional eggs in the basket of coupled love. Because of this change, many of us have found joys in marriage our great-great-grandparents never did. But we have also neglected our other relationships, placing too many burdens on a fragile institution and making social life poorer in the process.

Love thy neighbor! This is a difficult, but extremely worthy goal, in Betty's estimation. Your thoughts?

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