Friday, November 17, 2006

Betty Recommends: Movies by Mail

We interrupt this viewing of the wonderful documentary Paris is Burning to appreciate a service that may change civilization. And while we don't want to shill for a company in this forum (which we also hope will change civilization) (I really am writing this in the bathroom), we must say that movies by mail is a palpable leap forward for humankind.

Just think of the education and the delight you can have at home with movies by mail, with no one else needing to know what's inside that rosy rectangular valentine you just got! Like the train station paperback, the film has been democratized by an affordable service (and huge group of people) you can tap into from a public library for just ten dollars a month.

This blog tends to be about culture and sports and politics and cities - we love civilization, we love innovation, we love compassionate progress that connects. We love, and hope to continue loving, the unconditionally conditional facts with which modernity surrounds us daily, only to sweep those facts away later for something, we hope, more just. Now back to the ball.


Anonymous said...

but nothing, nada, nien,nein,niente can replace the experience of sitting in a dark room, surrounded by people you don't know watching the big screen- you cannot suspend your disbelief on your couch

B-FLX said...

I have to agree with the first caller. I do enjoy watching the picture show on the big screen. In addition to the fact that I may have trouble prying my fingers loose from the XBOX 360 controller long enough to replace John Madden with a dvd of Girls Gone Wild.