Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I just wanted to follow up with the Bond Review. I agree with Betty and Bimbo: so much potential, but the hour long poker back drop made me wonder if I watching ESPN "the ocho" and ruined the whole thing. They started it off in five different locations, very exciting and then we got stuck in a poker room the rest of the night. Further, the jillion dollar Aston Martin did not chase anyone or shoot anything or eject anything rather its sole purpose was to distribute a first aid kit at one point in the film.

I recommend Layercake, the movie that made Daniel Craig a star in Britain, to everyone on the blog. It has an awesome soundtrack and is a lot of fun, much like Brad Pitt's Snatch. There were some classic lines in this Bond film but was only barely worth seeing at 2 a.m. in some random Burbank theater (Never let a friend be responsible for a gameplan). They killed off my favorite Bond girl early on and I didnt recognize any other actors besides Bond.

I also find myself wondering here in UCC commercial code class, if perhaps one of the cruel and unsually long and slow methods of torture that Bond's villain conceives in the next film, and from which 007 inevitabley escapes from somehow, should be Bond having to sit in on a four hour lecture on lien creditors priorities in security interests. It would keep us all on the edge of our seat, whether he would pass out from total boredom or would somehow stave off the abundance of Article 9 exceptions and still have time to save the girl!

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