Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Very Lower East Side Halloween

Our "Brokeback Zombies" costume didn't pan out, so instead Betty opted for some Halloween "bling-bling" from a curbside card table in Chelsea. "Light up New York! Light up the Night!", the friendly neon peddlers cried. For herself, Betty selected a pink and silver plastic mask. For Bimbo, some battery powered devil horns that "bewitched" people into giving us compliments.

As we crossed Union Square into the Village, one woman dressed as a sparkly (but not slutty) devil from red head to scarlet toe literally screamed with joy when she saw us. Then she asked us to direct her to the bling, please.

Near Astor Place, a grizzled hunchback pointed Bimbo out to his friends and screamed incomprehensibly.

Thus, while Betty and Bimbo hauled in more kudos than candy, they did not neglect the sugar whole hog, and got to Tastee D-Lite before the special (haunted) sprinkles ran out.

Betty was in line at the bank the next morning when the Halloween hangover arrived in the form of an overheard cell phone conversation. "Yes, hello officer? There is a bat on the sidewalk in front of 312 Delancey Street. A B-A-T. He's flapping his wings but he can't move. Please send somebody down here right away. One-zero-zero-zero-two."

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