Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Betty and Bimbo Recommend: The Price is Right

We have the same horrible, tedious, headachey virus this week, so we've been laying low and hitting the couch with force. Is it surprising that one of the only shows to perk us up was "The Price is Right"?!

B&B agree: It's such a relentlessly positive program. Even when people lose, they still get to bounce and down for ten minutes on television as their friends cheer them on, and they never seem nervous, just psyched. And even when they can't guess the price of the dog comb or the toaster that also cooks eggs, Bob Barker always pats them on the back and says "Well, I hope you had fun." PLUS they get to spin the wheel and maybe appear in the showcase showdown (again this is even if you lose)!

There isn't much to "report" back about a show that neither of us had seen in years. The colors and costumes haven't changed, though some of the prizes (a portable DVD player, a trailer?!) have. And some of the people still need help spinning that big wheel. But when it comes to fun, this show doesn't discriminate. Other shows may try to doll themselves up as news or knowledge-building or whatever, but on "The Price is Right" the only message is "Have your pet spayed or neutered" and anyone really can win it all. One of the most transparent, and best, shows on those airwaves.

P.S. Watching from home is a blast. Kind of like watching football, but you can see the people's faces at the same time as you absorb the colors and the noise and the sheen. Bimbo's convinced he would have won the car, or at least spun the big wheel, had his name been called; many of his guesses were remarkably close.


superstar said...

good picture

Anonymous said...

b & b,
there was an election going on, remember????
i know your little minds were addled by to many OTC drugs, but......