Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Chicago Ramblings

You can add Chicago to the above list of blogging cities. Glad that you enjoyed the Windy City so much. The Bean rules, it's true. I work near it and some days I take my hot beef sandwich to Millenium Park and stare at its awesomeness.

Just wanted to point out that Chicago has quietly taken over the claim of America's most successful sports city (sans the Cubs and Blackhawks). Why anyone would hire Sweet Lou over a Northwestern grad in Girardi is beyond me. Joe was perfect for this gig.

I can tell you that there are roughly 100,000,000,000 Cubs fans living in Lincoln Park that would have doubled their Friday night intake of Miller Lite to celebrate such a hire. But, alas, the Cubs are dumb. Apparently the only thing that the Chicago Tribune does worse then printing newspapers is running baseball teams.

But, on the bright side, Chicago boasts the White Sox AND the Bears. The Bears are just such a loveable team with defense and running the ball and comeback kid in Grossman. Their only loss this season will be against the Patriots on the road!

As for the White Sox, I think they're another team it's tough not to respect. Except for the fact that they swept the Red Sox two years ago, and broke my heart when they beat us in 18 innings. I was sitting in the Upper Deck, Francona brought on Seanez and I had a feeling it was over... And cutting off beer sales in the 7th inning of what turns out to be an 18 inning game is not cool.

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