Monday, November 06, 2006

the sound and the furry

hello darlings.
so many postings from so very many distant places! venus infers betty & bimbo are not only extremely popular but have wisely cultivated poetically sensible relations.

autumn is mild down south, and v. insists in wearing light jackets in the daytime (night-time, marylinwisdom has taught us, is chanel no. 5). though it is our humble opinion that it would rather befit v. to do the zebra coat instead.

which reminds v. of a violent protest encountered a month or so ago at a vernissage in the local art museum.
v, donning roommate g's fourteen-headed (and evidently faux) raccoon stole was interpellated by an underagëdly drunk, morbidly obese and (judging both by the tone of her voice and size of the pearls) quite obviously northeasternly privileged female, who threatened to share her dinner's contents with us. "you disgust me" said she. v, dignified as usual, pointedly responded thus: "oh no, sweetheart, it is you who disgust me. do you know anything, you person?"
what a complete hypocrite! we couldn't help but think that the proto-cetacean had singlehandedly salvaged the meat industry from the irrationally high concentration of vegans in the research triangle area, many of them present at the event, and who invariably had offered ravishing praise for my accoutrement. thank god for vegans, always so open to the disgustingly sublime!
more disturbing was, of course, the type of rhetoric used, i totally perceived this as not too well-disguised queer bashing. these empty-headed peta types! save the chinchillas and dalmatians! skin the homos instead!

more on the furry side. v. has been feeling slightly monarchic of late. of course, v's not thinking of that awful kirstendunst facefuck flick. way to go sophia. it's all about lizzy's mink thing in that wonderful "the queen." i think of the opening titles--how corny the blue looks, but how utterly regal the mink is! delicious script and strong direction and acting. and i doubt anyone comes out of the movie feeling but utterly republican (in the good sense, this is), the film ended up playing as pellucid as a cultural studies textbook, but still allowed for some sympathy towards lizzy. stephen frears, he's so smart.

v. has officially opened applications from around the globe for the role of submissive, rich husband.
the position does not necessarily involve any physical contact whatsoever, just constant funnelling of currency to v's account.
interested parties should send in an application package by December 31. email betty & bimbo for more details.


Anonymous said...

venus, the best things about the queen were the corgis....her dead furries were dowdy

Anonymous said...

oh my god....i just figured out where venus in furs comes are too wicked....coulkd you upload the song? for those lof us who don't have it on the tip of our tongues

venus infers said...

oh dear! maybe you are thinking of the velvet underground?
"shiny shiny shiny boots of leather...."

but to tell you the truth, i was more in the sacher-masoch mode--- v.