Wednesday, November 22, 2006


last friday, g called to announce that she had tickets to see john zorn that evening.
john zorn? could they be talking about the same person? the musician person?
oh yes, john zorn, the guy that made that fab heavy metal soundtrack for "funny games."
well, that's unlikely, said v., recalling the lusciously cerebral and freaky chamber music for that phenomenal bdsm dyke-porn flick "the elegant spanking" (probably the best porn film ever).
so, at least they both make soundtracks, don't they.
v. and g. donned their decadent best, as best as the low 20s outside allowed, and rode the g-mobile to the p auditorium--
indeed, it was john zorn, this time blowing his rusty sexyphone with the masada quartet, his jewish musicology meets free-jazz experiment-- and it was-- very sexy indeed, very much like the local rabbi on lsd!
as masada reached a climactic end the crowd swayed and trembled like in a shaker meeting. encore! encore!
throughout v. couldn't stop feeling marylin chambers in "insatiable."
"i want more, more, more...!"

and isn't marylin chambers very much the embodiment of the spirit of thanksgiving?
ever more more. more turkey, more tv, more shopping. thank you.

v. has carefully selected a happy turkey that has died for the cause of giving (more and more) thanks and that shall be shared communally. of course, not in our apartment. our apartment is meatless. more and more gains another connotation in these latitudes. we have plenty of wine in the pantry! v and g (and g's appendage s) will start the day with mimosas, do the gin thing after noon and move to the dinner parties later. full of happy turkeys. happy, unlike what the zealots at vegan outreach try to make you believe.
so happy thanksgiving everyone! and be smart! get carpooled!


Betty & Bimbo said...

Who knew Durham - and Dixie - got so cold? Or so hip? I hope you danced. Does g. need an invite to join in the blogging gobbling fun?

Anonymous said...

well done! more, more...

venus infers said...

durham! it's capital, you know. it's all the chill of glamour. and, oh, thank you-- there will be more... coming. soon. ---v.