Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the squatter

so, venus infers blogspot doesn't like macs. because it won't allow to include the picture of our squatter extraordinaire, no matter what v does. and being a person that works talking about images and showing them in slides while talking about them, it is very difficult not to get upset at this technological faux pas. anyways, the squatter's name is pillow, he is himalayan and persian mix, furry and a total sociopath.
which makes v think that he must actually be from the nobility. which reminds v of a dream seen a week or so ago, involving some windsors-- what follows is very hazy, so please apply soft-focus or just squint while you read along. queen lizzy kindly led v along to a restaurant in buckingham palace that was now located on the edge of a cliff, below which there was this rolling lawn with the occasional tree and an olympic size pool. so while queen lizzy, v. and the rest of the party waited, in comes charles, who starts getting extremely irritated at the slowness of the service. v intervenes and makes an impassioned speech to the waiter, chastising him for discriminatory behavior towards royalty. anyways, charles leads v outside and points to the pool down the cliff and says that queen lizzy swims 11 laps every morning. v is completely enthralled-- "i can't swim more than two without feeling dead." charles answers that he himself swims every morning, but as a practicing naturist, he only swims naked. understandably, v woke up feeling extremely indisposed.
by the way this is the second dream involving windsors in the year. the last time queen lizzy was selling horrible lamps in a flea market.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Venus,

Sounds like a pleasant dream! Try posting pictures of your little squatter using Firefox.