Monday, December 18, 2006

She's Making a List

Betty is in love with many people and she wants them to know it.
But when Christmas, Hannukkah (already underway!), and Christmakkah roll around what to get..

* the mom who gave her light and already owns the world's cutest dog and likes shopping for herself?

* the cute little sister who has enough books to read and good taste in music and lots of cool t-shirts she found for herself at thrift stores?

* the nice friends who make her life brighter and better?

* the beloved Bimbo?

* the various and sundry co-workers?

The key is to strike the balance between symbolism and sentiment, but the task is really hard! Betty will wait for inspiration to strike, and for your ideas.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

there was a great ad in the times yesterday about how we have forgotten the "gifts" of time with family,good friends, and lovers in the stressed-out forced shopping march that xmas has become....
most of us really do not need any more THINGS. but we all need more good company, quiet times with friends, walks with cute dogs and more love in our lifes