Friday, December 15, 2006

...the end.

absolutely brilliant, as usual, the chacón brigade, formerly one of the propaganda organs of the chilean communist party, launched its own farewell party for the dictator.

the image on the bottom reads (just like my last post's title) "there's no evil that lasts a hundred years..." (the unofficial rest of the proverb says "... and no fucker that sucks it up!"). they placed this on the walls of what looks like the underpass by santa lucía.

the image on top, referencing 19th century chilean hero arturo prat, in turn says, "be strong, mr. satan... 'tis an unequal fight"
this one's apparently up by the brazilian embassy, right by los héroes (you can see the beautiful palace in the background).

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M. Nicolas said...


Missed it. Can't believe it.

True Filosofia.

Freedom of speech, anyone?

Anonymous said...

If the coup did indeed rescue Chile from an elected government that was Marxist-dominated—and thus anti-democratic—was it justified? The answer is no...
With Chileans cowed, the Chicago Boys could work as if in a laboratory, with no regard for social costs. They made mistakes: a fixed exchange rate and unregulated bank privatisations triggered a massive recession and financial collapse in 1982-83. More pragmatic policies and a renewal of growth followed. But it took the return of democracy in 1990, with its ability to bestow legitimacy, to create an investment-led boom and a large fall in poverty...
Even if history bothers to remember that he privatised the pension system, that should not wipe away the memory of the torture, the “disappeared” and the bodies dumped at sea. His defenders—who include Britain's Lady Thatcher—really should know better.

Betty said...

Unlike Men Diamonds Linger is so fitting for this post!

Great pictures, too!