Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Help Betty (Your Girl) Grab a New Gig

Have you ever been so bored you forgot what joy was?
Betty's job is getting to the brink of unacceptable. Inspiration is being absorbed into the dry glare of the monitor, and she's slowly turning her sights towards a new path in 2007.

Please help Betty land a job she'll like better. Here are the only requirements:

1) Writing or Editing or Interviewing job (or anything)(English/Spanish)

2) Ability to work remotely

3) Won't strangle her soul

Cash prize if you can hook her up with her long-lost relative passion for living!


Nancy D., Girl Detective said...


Have you ever considered working with kids? You're great with kids, and they keep you on your feet and doing something different everyday. I'm thinking--running an after school program, teaching, etc.

betty said...

Good thinking, Nancy D. I really appreciate this. I will look into this and follow-up soon.

Keep those suggestions coming.

venus infers said...

oh darlingest-- have you thought about the media thing? or serious publishing? you know the drawbacks to all this all to well though.