Saturday, December 02, 2006

Animal Attraction

Betty and Bimbo took a wild and woooly - or should we say fluffy - trip to East Harlem this afternoon to visit New York City Animal Care & Control, where they met lots of new four-legged friends.
The great majority of them were pit bulls - can anyone explain why this is? Are they drop-outs from police training programs? - but Betty and Bimbo went straight for Peanut, a pointy-nosed little chihuahua. Assisted by Greg, a saintly and mild-mannered volunteer who seemed to live for animals, Betty played well with Peanut on the floor for a little while. Unfortunately, things turned weird (kind of like when Borat starts saying nasty things after the initial "softballs") when Bimbo wanted to cuddle Peanut, and the manic little cutie started growling at everybody, dog or human, including his ex-squeeze, Betty. Maybe there was too much testosterone coursing through that quart-sized frame.

Next came December (that's her name), a new arrival at NYCACC, a handsome 1-year-old American Stafford mix (actually, we prefer the word mutt) with almond-shaped eyes, soft grey fur, and a winning temprement, one moment cuddly and malleable, the next chill as a fruit slushie turning gentley in its machine. WE LOVE THIS DOG!! Stay tuned...

The whole NYCACC experience was neat. You can adopt a pet chicken (we saw them, they're cute). And in a well-stocked bunny room, floppy little love balls hopped and rolled across the floor. The cat room smelled totally gross, but seemed popular nonetheless. We didn't check out the exotic animals room. Bimbo imagines the whole experience is like visiting a third-rate whorehouse; the outdoor "walking platform", where you get to know the critters on a leash, is the bordello bar...I guess this means little Peanut threw the drink we bought him back in our faces.

It's hard to reckon the attraction and overwhelming feelings these animals bring up in us against the responsibilities (of time, location, and money) they would pose were we to adopt. Still, we know these beautiful creatures pack a bounty of benefits, including real love, calls to perspective, and snuggles.

[Photo of Jackie the Rabbit and friend courtesy of New York City Animal Care & Control]

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Anonymous said...

very cute and staffords shed ? and how BIG are they?????
you write beautifully betty, it makes me miss my furry,cuddly,non shedding pup.
paris hilton carries a chihuahua....enough said