Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Good Shepherd = The Crap Movie

From the department of Boxing Day Stupor:

We went to see The Good Shepherd, which Betty has been excited about for some time now. She should have been warned off by the sight of an incomprehensible, mumbling and hazy-faced Robert De Niro trying to avoid making eye contact with cameras whenever he is asked about the film, but no; all she could think about were those lucious pictures of Angelina Jolie exiting her trailer in the heydey new adopted family members Brad and Zahara (Shiloh was just a twinkle in their eyes). Really, all I associated this movie with was candid images from magazines that I loved. Brad Pitt toting baby wipes and formula around the set! Angelina in those 1940s dresses that actually look nothing like what people in the 1940s actually wore! It's all good!

Anyway, this movie sucked. It had major pacing problems (or was it just booooring? Time will tell!), introduction and resolution of character problems, music problems, script problems (there is no part for the female lead and no, that is not "the point"). Matt Damon was fine, even good, but Woody Allen's Match Point examined the same character and managed not to suck. So rarely do I feel that time is wasted, but this movie laid to waste some time, and here's how I know: three friends, eight hours of ZZZs, two cokes, and a bag of M&Ms came with me to this movie, and I still wanted to nod off, or least splash some color in there.

Anyway, if you do decide not to listen to me, as I would have decided not to listen to me, tell me this: Are we suppose to believe that this is how swanked-out couples met and mated in the 1940s? Angelina, you have broken my heart a little with your kind of shitty acting and your participation in this run-around.

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M. Nicolas said...

So we tot. missed the black bean dish. Well, nothing like celebrating from faaaar awaaaaay under 200 billion celsius of heat and evercoming piscosours. Hence, at least 200 billion kilos more for hybernation.

So a Japy Nuevo LLeer to ya'all from us all!

And the Shepherd...please, dear Santa, don't let it be true. Betty had an overdose of sugarines. I sooo want to be Jolie when I grow up. And NOPE. Never seen woman taken seriously in DC. That's a shocker.