Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm in Love with My Car - or am I?

One of Betty's favorite Queen songs is "I'm in Love with My Car". Rock and roll, a genre which Betty sometimes is, and is often aspiring to be, has long revelled in the freedom and independence granted by these four-wheeled chariots. But are cars all they're revved up to be?

Betty drove into L.A. last night and was once again relieved and amazed by the view from the top of the freeway. At last, a real city! City lights! Etc. But then...

The car lost its mind, and started acting like a lying cad, telling Betty she was going 80 when she was going 40, refusing to shine its lights on the road at the same time as it illuminated the dashboard or played the radio, and generally just flipping out. So Betty and Nancy D. drove from downtown to Studio City on the Ventura freeway with one inside light on and all bets off.

Besides being horrible for the environment and keeping us away from each other, cars can suck in a million other little, tiny, life-threatening, sanity-assaulting ways. Nancy D. and Betty will be stopping by the Burbank Airport to trade in their little monster before going to the malls this afternoon, and then to their friend's (and Venus' friend's) wedding in Beverly Hills, 90210! But there will always be - at least for this wandering New Yorker and carless, careless Mainer - something alluring about the anonymity, the speed, and even the rules of the road.

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